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A documentary film, called “ONE SECOND at a TIME” (OSSAT) which shares Christine Ortoll's struggle for recovery, told from her own journals and by those who supported her, including family, close friends, and professionals. This production will make a difference in helping those who suffer from substance abuse, mental illness, and their loved ones. 


Jane Dwyer Lee

Teaching Professor at FSU- College of Social Work, and in  recovery. Jane's background in clinical social work and teaching includes behavioral health, substance use, gender & women's studies. She has received numerous awards for her teaching and service.


In SECONDARY SCHOOLS (higher education) our goal is to have boosters & alumni help fund College Recovery Programs (CRPs) at their schools. CRPs support students interested in recovery from substance misuse so they can thrive during their college experience. Students learn beneficial coping skills in an accountable recovery community where they can develop friendships with like-minded peers.


Last year I supported the growth of an innovative College Recovery Program called LIFT at my alma mater, Florida State University. Over 18 months we went from a hand full to over 1,100 student engagements.


Per the latest CASA study, 24% of all college students meet the medical definition of substance use disorder, yet less than 5% of all colleges have a recovery program and most of them suffer from little participation due to the stigma of addiction, lack of dedicated space & quality resources.

CRPs keep students connected, and the data proves students thrive; as they stay in school, graduate with a higher GPA and they become more service-oriented alumni.

Our second initiative is our mini documentary, called “Safety Net: Helping College Students in Recovery Thrive” so we can allow our future leaders to achieve their dreams and make this world a better place. 


What are College Recovery Programs (CRPs)?

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