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Drug Overdose
is the
Leading Cause of Death
18 to 45
Year Olds.

Synthetic opiods account for 2/3 of all overdose fatalities.

* Source: NIDA

A young woman suffering substance use alone at night concealed in a hoodie.

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People know

someone who suffers from substance use disorder.

23 million Americans suffer from substance use disorder (SUD), yet less than 10% of them receive help due to its stigma, cost, and finding appropriate treatment for their disease.

Per research, each one of them affects an average of 7 family members and close friends, which means that one of every two of us knows someone who suffers from SUD.



Of all pills confiscated by the DEA in 2022 had a lethal dose of synthetic opioids; which are now in all drugs and 50-100 times stronger than ever. Its newer versions are more fatal.

* Source: DEA

A potentially letha pill chemically dissolving.
A doctor needing training to help treat mental health issues in patients.

Doctors and nurse practitioners receive appropriate addiction education. We need better training, beginning with pediatricians so we can treat mental health issues early.

*Source: AMA 

1 in 4

Of all addictions start in adolescence. Teens who learn the risks of drugs from parents are 50% less likely to use drugs..

*Source: SAMHSA & NIH


Teenage girl browsing social media looking to buy substances.


Buy drugs online via social media apps.

*Source: DEA & NIH

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